Article I – Name

The name of the organization shall be the Association for the Advancement of Dutch American Studies.

Article II – Purpose

The purposes of this Association shall be to encourage research and nurture a continuing interest in the history, life, and culture of the Dutch in North America. The Association may analyze and describe the development of religious and governmental institutions, industry, science and the arts, education, and North American Netherlandic relations; and it may publish and distribute information concerning the same. The Association shall also serve as a meeting ground for persons who share these interests.

Article III – Membership

Membership is open to any person upon payment of the annual dues as they may be determined from time to time. Members shall have the right to hold office, to vote, and to take part in the proceedings of the Association.

The Netherlands Ambassador to the United States of America, the Netherlands Consul General in Chicago, and the American Ambassador to the Netherlands, will be invited as honorary members of this Association.

Article IV – Officers

The officers of the Association shall be the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, and Newsletter Editor.

The Executive Secretary will serve in an on-going capacity, subject to re-election every four years. The other officers shall be elected for two year terms. All officers shall be elected at meetings of the Association, based upon nominations by the Board. Members may also make nominations “from the floor.” The members present shall constitute a quorum and a majority of votes cast is required for election. Those elected shall assume their respective offices at the conclusion of the meeting. The Vice President shall succeed to the presidency.

Article V – Board

The Board of the Association shall consist of the five officers, the retiring President, and four members-at-large. The term of the members-at-large shall be four years, with two being elected every two years.

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and may appoint special committees for any purposes that may be deemed necessary to carry out the goals of the Association.

The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President if the President is unable to do so. In the event both the President and Vice President are unable to perform their duties, the Board shall appoint another of its members to do so.

The Treasurer shall provide timely financial reports to the membership. All monies payable by the Association shall be paid by checks signed by the Treasurer.

The Membership Secretary will coordinate the administrative needs of the Association and maintain the membership list.

The Newsletter Editor will edit and produce the Association newsletter, normally in the spring and fall.

Article VI – Meetings

The regular meetings of the Association shall normally be held biennially, although the Board may schedule special meetings as it deems best.

Article VII – Committees

The Program Committee shall make all plans and arrangements for meetings of the Association. The chair of the Committee will ordinarily be a staff member of the host institution for the next meeting. The chair may appoint others to assist as needed.

The Board may appoint other committees at its discretion.

Article VIII – Amendments

This constitution may be amended or replaced in its entirety by a two-thirds majority of the members present at any regular meeting.

Approved 5 March 1980

Revised 22 June 2001

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